Security solutions for your Bendigo business

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) uses vdeo cameras to record, store and send video footage to enable monitoring and storage of surveillance video


CCTV  can monitor in realtime, record, store and send video footage to your office computer or your smart phone, giving you visibility of whats happening at your business at any time.

CCTV is useful for security footage and monitoring of areas that aren’t attended by staff at all times. E.g. Retail business, Banks and Hospitals, or where monitoring is required at all times.

Without CCTV there is less peace of mind for your business security and the safety of stock, assets, staff and clientele.
If you’ve got an easy to target business, and you don’t have CCTV, you’re putting your livelihood at risk. 

Benefits of CCTV Video Surveillance

  • Crime deterrant
    CCTV can deter theft because the presence of a camera indicates the ability to record any activity and identity.
  • Monitors activities
    CCTV can record daily activity in real-time, gauging staff and clientele productivity/activity.
  • Evidence
    If illegal activity occurs, footage can identify the crime of the identity of the perpetrator. It can also support insurance claims.
  • Decision making
    Use CCTV to settle disputes, altercations or staff issues.
  • Record Keeping
    As well as monitoring daily activities, CCTV can serve as an excellent record keeper. E.g. Deliveries or who is entering/leaving the building.

Night-time CCTV images

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