Security solutions for your Bendigo business

Protect your staff and stock by obscuring the view of intruders. Smoke deterrents fill your premises with smoke and reduce visibility in seconds

Why the Fog Bandit?

World leader in active security​

Fastest & highest density fogging system on the market. Exceptionally low running costs. The criminal is overwhelmed by high density fog with in. For criminals worse than getting nothing is getting caught!


Delivers 28 m³ of fog per second! Projects the fog 6 metres in the first 2 seconds alone! Immediately after the activation of the security fog security device, either manually through a panic button or automatically via a security alarm system

High Density

The fog reduces visibility to 30 cm (High Density). After dissipation the fog leaves no residue behind. Criminals can’t see their hand before their eyes.


Outstanding reliability from robust and solid state electronics. Very low maintenance and running costs. Certified to all international norms concerning secure functioning and health and safety criteria.

The Fog Bandit provides 24/7 active security

  • From the first second after the activation of the intruder alarm the very dense fog ‘Protects Property’ and goods
  • In robbery situations the fog instantly ‘Removes Threat’ to staff and customers
  • The most effective ‘Deterrent’, even in ram-raid situations.
  • Effectively ‘Limit’ possible damage of goods and locations at a strict minimum

The Fog Bandit in action

Smoke and fog alarms

Smoke and fog alarms are a visual deterrent.

They deploy a dense white fog in seconds, which obscures vision for the intruder.  This allows you time to get your staff and customers to safety and encourages intruders to leave.

Having no form of security increases your chances of burglary, theft and damage, impairing business and causing loss of time and income.

By not taking security measures, insurance and excess fee can be costly.



The benefits of smoke and fog deterrents

  • Fast and effective
    deploys 28 cubic metres per second
  • Non-toxic
    The fog is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment
  • Disorientates intruder
    The fog reduced visibility to 30 centimetres. As stated, "What can't be seen, can't be stolen."
  • Buys you time
    The dense fog keeps intruders disorientated and gives you time to get staff to safety
  • Very low maintenance and running costs
  • Leaves no residue
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