System Integration

Security solutions for your Bendigo business

Use system integration to consolidate staff access and provider finer control over how your security and access systems work together

System Integration

System integration is the linking together of different parts of security and information systems (CCTV, Alarm, Access) so that they can work together and be controlled from one location .

By integrating the separate systems, you have greater control over the security of business. An integrated system for example, can mean that when an alarm is triggered, the integrated system can immediately switch a CCTV camera on where the identified breach has occurred.  

What are the benefits of having System Integration for my Business?

The linking of multiple systems into one interface provides ease of access and usability and greater protection for the premises, assets and staff. 

As with other forms of security, if there is not adequate security measures taken, the business is at risk of damage, theft or loss. Larger business in particular, benefit from system integration (such as hospitals) as there is a larger area and more staff and clientele to be protected.

The benefits of System Integration

  • Ease of access for staff
  • Single access and sign-in credentials
  • Access logging
  • Integration between systems
  • More secure management of assets and facilities
  • Combining systems for protection and access
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